• The Trouble With J.J. (LS-253)
    Apr-1988/Contemporary Romance
  • McKnight in Shining Armor (LS-276)
    Sep-1988/Contemporary Romance
  • Rumor Has It (LS-304)
    Jan-1989/Contemporary Romance
  • Mismatch (LS-315)
    Mar-1989/Contemporary Romance
  • Man of Her Dreams (LS-331)
    Jun-1989/Contemporary Romance
  • Straight from the Heart (LS-351)
    Sep-1989/Contemporary Romance
  • Heart of Gold (LS-393)
    Apr-1990/Contemporary Romance
  • Keeping Company (LS-405)
    Jun-1990/Contemporary Romance
  • Reilly's Return (LS-417)
    Aug-1990/Contemporary Romance
  • Magic
    Sep-1990/Contemporary Romance
  • Tempestuous (LS-434)
    Nov-1990/Contemporary Romance
  • The Restless Heart (LS-458)
    Mar-1991/Contemporary Romance
  • Sarah's Sin (LS-480)
    Jul-1991/Contemporary Romance
  • Heart of Dixie (LS-493)
    Sep-1991/Contemporary Romance
  • Lucky's Lady
    Jan-1992/Contemporary Romance
  • Taken By Storm (LS-532)
    Mar-1992/Contemporary Romance
  • The Last White Knight (LS-561)
    Aug-1992/Contemporary Romance
  • Still Waters
    Nov-1992/Romantic Suspense
  • Cry Wolf
    Aug-1993/Romantic Suspense
  • Dark Paradise
    Mar-1994/Romantic Suspense