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Straight from the Heart


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Jace Cooper was back in town, and Rebecca Bradshaw desperately wished she didn't have to face him! Seven years before, the impossibly charming, utterly tempting baseball player had taught her passion, then broke her heart when he'd left to play in the pros. She'd worked so hard to forget him, but she could still remember how his mouth felt on her skin. Heat spread through her like wildfire when Jace entered the rehab center...and Becca feared she could never deny him. Injured in a car accident that had left him with a bad knee and hidden scars, Jace vowed to play ball again - and to win a second chance with Becca. But even though time had given Jace rough edges that made him easier to hold on to, Becca couldn't be sure he had changed. The reckless playboy she'd loved and lost was older and wiser, but she had to forgive his mistakes...and her own. Nothing could change the past, but when Jace promised forever, could she believe he'd cherish her always?

Date Sep-1989
ISBN13 9780553220216
Publisher Bantam
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages -
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
Themes Sports