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The Restless Heart


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The Wicked Cajun Rogue...

Remy Doucet was no ones idea of the perfect nanny for a houseful of wild kids, but Danielle Hamilton was desperate enough to hire the dark-eyed hunk with the boxer's build and the sexiest grin she'd ever seen! The world-class photographer was more than confident in the wilds of Africa or Tibet, but she felt positively helpless around babies--and powerless to stop her sister's little monsters from destroying their lovely New Orleans mansion. When Remy showed up, she surrendered without a fight: Any man who could kiss like a bandit and diaper a baby could seduce her heart and carry her off! Her pirate made her want to throw caution to the winds, while his searing kisses swept away the memories that shadowed her eyes. Remy was so good at breaking the rules she made, but could he convince his wandering Yankee love that her luck had changed, that her destiny lay with the best bad boy of the bayou?

Date Mar-1991
ISBN13 9780553441024
Publisher Bantam
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 192
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Contemporary Romance