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Man of Her Dreams


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When Rylan Quaid proposed to Maggie McSwain at his sister's wedding, joy and fierce disappointment warred in her heart. She'd loved him forever, wanted him desperately. But could he really be so insensitive that he would suggest it was time he settled down, and she might as well be the one he did it with? Maggie refused to be his practical choice for a bride; she insisted on being cherished, chosen, but how could she make her rough around the edges knight admit he adored her. She had to loosen the reins he held on his passion, teach Ry that he had love to give - and that she was his destiny. Ry figured he'd win the honey-voiced temptress by showing her he was immune to her sizzling charms, but once he had succumbed to her wanton embrace, how could he continue the charade? Terrified of becoming a fool for love just as his father had, Ry vowed he'd push Maggie away before she could hurt him. Could she make him see she was his match, his mate, that nothing could tear them apart?

Date Jun-1989
ISBN13 9780553219913
Publisher Bantam
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 288
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Contemporary Romance