• A Convenient Bridegroom (HP-2067)
    Helen Bianchin
    Dec-1999/Contemporary Romance
  • The Greek's Pregnant Bride (HP-3331)
    Michelle Smart
    May-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • The Impatient Groom (HP-2054)
    Sara Wood
    Sep-1999/Contemporary Romance
  • The Italian's Deal for I Do (HP-3323)
    Jennifer Hayward
    Apr-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • The Mistress Bride (HP-2056)
    Michelle Reid
    Oct-1999/Contemporary Romance
  • The Sheikh's Wedding Contract (HP-3347)
    Andie Brock
    Jul-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • The Sicilian's Surprise Wife (HP-3339)
    Tara Pammi
    Jun-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • Society Weddings: Promised to the Sheikh (HP-2268)
    Sharon Kendrick
    Aug-2002/Contemporary Romance
  • Society Weddings: The Duke's Secret Wife (HP-2268)
    Kate Walker
    Aug-2002/Contemporary Romance
  • The Society Groom (HP-2066)
    Mary Lyons
    Nov-1999/Contemporary Romance
  • The Wedding-Night Affair (HP-2044)
    Miranda Lee
    Aug-1999/Contemporary Romance