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The Red River


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Elias Mcbee and Seth Booker have fought and killed more than their fair share of river pirates while piloting flatboats on the Mississippi. Tired of the life, they set out on the Red River following vague rumors of riches to be had west, beyond the frontier. The untamed land beyond the frontier is a mystery seen only by a handful of Americans, but it promises wealth and escape for Elias and Seth. But promises are often too good to be true and the two men quickly find themselves living among the smallpox ravaged Kiowa Indians. All too soon they find themselves caught between the warring tribes of the Kiowa and their enemies the Osage. Once again Elias and Seth must decide between flight or fight as their lives hang in the balance.

Date Nov-1997
ISBN13 9780553568004
Publisher Bantam
Formats Print / Audio
Pages 264
Time Period 19th Century, American West
Genre Western
Sub-Genres Historical
People / Creatures Pirates