The Banished Bride


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Passion Incognito

Aurora and Alex have been married for thirteen years--although one would hardly know it. They cannot recognize each other's laughter Nor have they ever shared an intimate embrace. Because the last--and first--time Alex saw his wife was at their wedding, and even then, it was through a thick veil and the haze of drink....

Married off at tender ages by their families, Aurora and Alex have since carved out separate lives for themselves--hers, a chaste one at home, and his, that of a worldly soldier. But while on a secret mission to find a woman spy, Alex mistakes Aurora for his enemy. Little does he know that she is his own wife--or that the fiery-tongued vixen will stir embers of passion that will ignite an undying love....

Date Mar-2002
ISBN13 9780451205612
Publisher Signet
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 224
Time Period 19th Century, Regency
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Espionage / Spies / CIA, Traditional Regency
Themes Marriage of Convenience