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The Bravo Billionaire


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If ever there was a living embodiment of all that money could buy, Jonas Bravo was it. But the gleaming facade hid a legacy of loss. For though Jonas had been to the manor born, the kidnapping of his baby brother had yanked the rug out from under him -- and taught him always to keep his heart padlocked. Until two females produced the key....

One: baby Mandy, Jonas's adoptive sister, whose custody he was determined to get. And two: Emma Hewitt, her lovely guardian. Clearly the two were a package deal, and clearly Emma was daring the Bravo billionaire not only to hope but to dream -- of getting back everything he'd lost that long-ago winter night...and thought he would never see again.

Date Sep-2001
ISBN13 9780373484362
Publisher Silhouette
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 304
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Contemporary Romance
People / Creatures Tycoons