To Davy Jones Below


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The acidic manners and dark secrets of uppercrust, 1923 England come alive again, as the just-married Daisy sets out on her honeymoon voyage and sails into decidedly troubled waters...

With the peal of wedding bells still ringing in their ears, Daisy Dalrymple and Detective Chief Inspector Alec Fletcher take a honeymoon ocean voyage to America. It promises to be an interesting trip when they are joined by a coterie of well-born friends and acquaintances, including the American industrialist Caleb P. Arbuckle, his friend, millionaire Jethro Gotobed, and his new wife, Wanda, a flashy showgirl trying very hard to leave her common past in the dust of the dying vaudeville hall. It's all smiles as the group waves to the crowd on the dock. But once they set sail, the pleasant voyage dissolves into an atmosphere thick with chaos, blackmail, and gossip, followed by a series of suspicious accidents and sudden death. Now, with harsh weather and rough seas making the trip much more perilous--and leaving Alec laid up with seasickness--it's up to Daisy to uncover the tangled secrets and hidden agendas of some very dangerous liaisons and unmask a murderer intent on turning her honey-moon into a voyage of death....

Date Apr-2001
ISBN13 9780758201690
Publisher Kensington
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 256
Time Period 1920's-1930's, 20th Century
Genre Suspense
Sub-Genres Cozy Mystery, Historical Mystery
People / Creatures Women Sleuths