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The Scottish Lord


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Frances Stewart was the most stunning beauty of the London season, with every noble gallant at her beck and call and the most eligible lord in the realm, Sir Robert Sedburgh, begging for her hand.

Lord Ian Macdonald was the most headstrong and arrogant young blade ever to sneer at society's strictures and to scorn caution's advice in his reckless pursuit of his own desires.

As fate would have it (no one else would dare recommend such an unsettling alliance), these two paragons of pride came together. And as all of Regency society held its breath, first a few discomfiting sparks flew, and then the explosion came...

Date Jan-1982
ISBN13 9780451152886
Publisher Signet
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 215
Time Period 19th Century, Regency
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Traditional Regency
Themes Scottish Highlands