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Expecting the Boss's Baby


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So this was Dax Girard's hiring policy. Well, it might not be conventional -- but then again, all admin-assist-wannabe Zoe Bravo wanted was a job. And her prospective boss, Dax Girard, was so gorgeous that he'd clearly had to beat them off with a stick before. So she calmly agreed to the mogul's terms -- even throwing in a fake fiance for good measure! A strictly hands-off policy was fine with her....

But was it fine with him? Because the more no-strings-attached Dax swore he was as immune to Zoe as he was to your average beautiful woman, the more he started envisioning a future that had her in it. And, in nine months, a little someone else, as well.

Date Nov-2010
ISBN13 9780373655595
Publisher Silhouette
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 224
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
Themes Holidays