President of the Whole Fifth Grade


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Brianna's Recipe. for Success

Start with fifth-grader Brianna Justice, a smart cookie with a knack for baking and a dream of becoming a cupcake chef extraordinaire.

Stir in one school election for PRESIDENT OF THE WHOLE FIFTH GRADE.

Sift and add one new girl (also known as the opponent"), one cup of major competition, and a sprinkle of creative campaign cupcakes.

Mix well. Let simmer, as friendships are tested and secrets are revealed.

If the ingredients have been prepared just right, serve with the sweet taste of victory.

Top with dash of laughs.

Date Oct-2010
ISBN13 9780316114332
Publisher Little, Brown
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 288
Age Level Kids (12 & Under), Kids: Middle Grade (08-12)
Time Period Contemporary
Genre General Fiction
People / Creatures African-American
Awards 2013 Sunshine State Young Reader's Award -- Grades 3-5 (Nominee), 2013 Volunteer State Book Award -- Intermediate (Nominee)