My Lost Daughter


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Judge Lily Forrester has no regrets about her demanding career -- until she receives word that her daughter, Shana, is having a nervous breakdown.

With a major murder trial underway in her court, Lily faces an agonizing choice: stay with Shana -- and possibly see a killer go free due to a mistrial -- or return to work and possibly sacrifice her daughter's sanity. In a desperate balancing act, Lily takes Shana to a prestigious treatment facility for help.

The institution's sterling reputation conceals a terrifying reality. Lily discovers that Shana has been threatened by sadistic nurses, given mind-deadening drugs without consent, and held for hours in a tiny, bare cell without food or water. Lily will have to use all her knowledge of the law to find a way to free her daughter.

Shana faces another danger -- one that isn't institutional. A sociopath is hiding at the hospital... and Shana is his new obsession.

Date Sep-2010
ISBN13 9780765358615
Publisher Forge
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 470
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Suspense
Sub-Genres Legal Thriller
People / Creatures Women Sleuths