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With her new husband back at work, Anna Pigeon decides to spend some of her administrative leave time in New Orleans -- visiting a friend from the Park Service; Geneva, w-ho works as a singer at the New Orleans Jazz NHP. Anna isn't in town long before she discovers what seems to be an attempt to place a curse on her: a gruesomely killed pigeon marked with runic symbols. Everything traces back to Geneva's tenant, Jordan, a creepy guy who works at a strip club in the French Quarter -- who is not at all what he appears to be....

In this complex and multi-layered novel, Nevada Barr places Park Ranger Anna Pigeon in an urban jungle, where she must use all her talents to navigate the terrain as she unearths the dark nature of humanity.

Date Aug-2010
ISBN13 9780312381806
Publisher Minotaur Books
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 472
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Suspense
Sub-Genres Amateur Sleuth
Themes Police Procedural
People / Creatures Women Sleuths