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Running with the Pack


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  • Remember the werewolves of classic stories and films, those bloodthirsty monsters that transformed under the full moon, reminding us of the terrible nature that lives within all of us? Today's werewolves are much more suave — and even sexy — and they've moved from British moors to New York City lofts, shaved, and got jobs. But as the tales of these writers will show you, they remain no less wild and passionate, and they still tug at the part of our being where a wild animal used to be.
  • Running With the Pack includes stories from Carrie Vaughn, Laura Anne Gilman, and C.E. Murphy, and they will convince you that despite their gentrification, werewolves remain as fascinating and terrifying as ever.

Date May-2010
ISBN13 9781607012191
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 339
Genre Speculative Fiction
Sub-Genres Fantasy
Awards 2010 Publishers Weekly -- Starred Review (*)