Once A Spy


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When Charlie Clark takes a break from his latest losing streak at the track to bring home his Alzheimer's-addled father, Drummond, they're attacked by two mysterious shooters. At first, Charlie thinks his Russian "creditors" are employing aggressive collection tactics. But once Drummond effortlessly hot-wires a car, Charlie discovers that his father was a deep cover CIA agent ... and extremely sensitive information is rattling around his mind. Now the CIA wants to "contain" him, so the two embark on a wild chase through the labyrinthine world of national security that will force them to confront unspeakable danger, dark conspiracies, and what it means to be a father and son.

Date Mar-2010
ISBN13 9780307473141
Publisher Anchor
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 447
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Suspense
Sub-Genres Espionage / Spies / CIA