The Greek Billionaire's Innocent Princess


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Plain, plump -- and pregnant!

Plain, plump Kitty Karedes is the forgotten princess -- until she has to host the palace ball. Kitty plans everything perfectly, but doesn't have time to buy herself a showstopping dress!

At the ball, Greek tycoon Nikos Angelaki mistakes homely Kitty for a waitress. She flees, her confidence in tatters but her identity still a secret. When Nikos spies her again, she's swimming naked in the moonlight -- her frumpy clothes were hiding luscious curves! But next morning Nik discovers he's seduced a princess...and made her pregnant with his baby!

Date Nov-2009
ISBN13 9780373128679
Publisher Harlequin
Formats Print / eBook
Pages 192
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Contemporary Romance
Themes Accidental Pregnancy, Marriage of Convenience, Mistaken Identity, Rags to Riches
People / Creatures Royalty, Tortured Hero, Tycoons, Virgins