My Sister's Keeper


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Appearances can be deceiving....

"I wouldn't go out with a sailor like you," Ella had said primly. "I hate slumming!" It sounded snobbish, but she had to discourage him somehow.

The "sailor" proved to be Bertrand Scott, owner of a luxurious yacht, and one of Europe's most eligible millionaires. Ella was mortified when she discovered the truth. But strangely enough, her rude rejection had only made Scott more interested.

To a man accustomed to easy conquests, Ella was definitely a challenge. "Don't fight me, Ella," he said softly. "When I want something, I always get it!"

Date Oct-1979
ISBN13 9780373103157
Publisher Harlequin
Formats Print
Pages 192
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Category Romance, Contemporary Romance