The Ghost War


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Deep-cover CIA operative John Wells barely survived his homecoming when it was thought he'd become too close to the terrorists. Though his wounds have healed, his mind is far from clear. He needs to get back in the fight.

And there is a fight waiting for him.

A power play in China is causing deadly repercussions that will result in chaos around the globe. Even as Wells does what he does best, a mole within the CIA is preparing to light the final fuse that will propel an unsuspecting world toward open war and annihilation.

This time, there may be nothing John Wells can do to stop it...

Date Feb-2008
ISBN13 9780515145823
Publisher Jove
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 561
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Suspense
Sub-Genres Espionage / Spies / CIA, Thriller
People / Creatures Terrorists