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Simply Unforgettable


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New York Times bestselling author Mary Balogh invites us into an intoxicating world--a select academy for young ladies--and introduces two unlikely lovers: a truly marvelous heroine, music teacher Frances Allard, and the man who seduces her with a passion no woman could possibly forget....

They meet in a ferocious snowstorm. She is a young teacher with a secret past. He is the black-caped stranger who comes to her rescue. Stranded together in a country inn, Lucius Marshall and Frances Allard share a night of glorious, unforgettable passion. But Frances knows her place. Due to begin her teaching position at Miss Martin's School in Bath, Frances must try to forget that one extraordinary night. But when fate once again throws them together, Lucius's passionate, single-minded pursuit will force Frances to give up all her secrets--except one--to win the heart of the man she already loves.

Date Apr-2005
ISBN13 9780440241133
Publisher Dell
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 422
Time Period 19th Century, Regency
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Historical Romance