If I Could


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With a voice as vivid and sassy as her characters, Donna Hill introduces readers to a gutsy, unforgettable heroine they will applaud from the first page to the last--a woman who boldly, blindly, dares to trade a lifestyle for a life...

For someone who always played by the rules, Regina Everette has broken some doozies lately. First, she divorces a perfectly good provider--and the father of her two children--simply because their marriage wasn't working. Now she's quit her job simply because she wasn't fulfilled. Her kids are shell-shocked. Her girlfriends are scandalized. Her mother is appalled. Nobody knows what on earth she's doing...including Regina herself. Unemployed and unattached, exhilarated and scared to death, Regina fumbles her way into an existence that has no boundaries. As her choices create a ripple effect through the lives of her family and friends, she falls headlong into a new career and a new relationship, certain of just one thing: from here on in, she'll live--and love--on her terms.

Date Nov-2000
ISBN13 9780758201317
Publisher Dafina
Formats Print
Pages 283
Time Period Contemporary
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Contemporary Romance
People / Creatures African-American