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A Civil Campaign


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It's spring in Vorbarr Sultana, and a young person's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love ... money ... bio-genetics ... love ... lack of money ... incompatible planetary sexual mores ... love ... District succession scandals ... the Emperor's wedding ... and, of course, love...

Lord Miles Vorkosigan, youngest Imperial Auditor to be appointed by the Emperor since the Time of Isolation, has a problem all his new power can't solve: unrequited love for the beautiful Vor widow Ekaterin Vorsoisson. Ekaterin is violently allergic to marriage as a result of her first exposure. But as Miles learned from his late career in galactic covert ops, if a frontal assault won't do, go to subterfuge. He has a cunning plan ...

Lord Mark Vorkosigan has a problem: his love for the sunny Kareen, daughter of Commodore Koudelka, has just become unrequited again. But if all his new money can't solve their dilemma, perhaps a judicious blending of science and entrepreneurial scheming might. He has a cunning plan...

Date Sep-1999
ISBN13 9780671578855
Publisher Baen
Formats Print / eBook / Audio
Pages 544
Genre Speculative Fiction
Sub-Genres Space Opera
People / Creatures Clones
Awards 1999 Publishers Weekly -- Starred Review (*), 2000 Hugo Award -- Novel (Nominee), 2000 Nebula Award -- Novel (Nominee)