Viking Gold


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Young Princess Aasa trembled as the magnificent Viking warrior drew near. Olaf, the dreaded Norse King's golden-haired son, had come to claim her--not for himself, but to warm his widowed father's bed. Yet as their eyes met, Aasa vowed that she would never belong to any man but Olaf...

His mission was a bloody one: to abduct the fair Aasa and slay her brother. But he could not bear to hurt this beautiful maiden; he would deny his birthright if only he could win her love.

But in this terrible time of swords and savagery, Olaf and Aasa would soon be torn from each other's arms--Aasa to become an unwilling bride and a powerful queen. Until she defied fate in a desperate act of rebellion that could lead to tragedy--or to an ecstasy no innocent girl had ever known--and no woman would ever forget.

Date Feb-1995
ISBN13 9780821748367
Publisher Zebra
Formats Print
Pages 382
Time Period Medieval
Genre Romance
Sub-Genres Historical Romance
People / Creatures Vikings