• The Man Who Risked It All (HP-3054)
    Apr-2012/Contemporary Romance
  • The Kanellis Scandal (HP-3019)
    Oct-2011/Contemporary Romance
  • After Their Vows (HP-3001)
    Jul-2011/Contemporary Romance
  • Mia and the Powerful Greek / Mia's Scandal (HP-2934)
    Aug-2010/Contemporary Romance
  • Marchese's Forgotten Bride (HP-2899)
    Mar-2010/Contemporary Romance
  • The Greek's Forced Bride (HP-2788)
    Jan-2009/Contemporary Romance
  • The De Santis Marriage (HP-2756)
    Sep-2008/Contemporary Romance
  • The Markonos Bride (HP-2723)
    May-2008/Contemporary Romance
  • The Italian's Future Bride (HP-2595)
    Jan-2007/Contemporary Romance
  • One Christmas Night: A Sicilian Marriage
  • The Ranieri Bride (HP-2564)
    Sep-2006/Contemporary Romance
  • The Brazilian's Blackmailed Bride (HP-2493)
    Oct-2005/Contemporary Romance
  • The Purchased Wife (HP-2470)
    Jun-2005/Contemporary Romance
  • The Passion Bargain (HP-2404)
    Jul-2004/Contemporary Romance
  • The Salvatore Marriage (HP-2362)
    Dec-2003/Contemporary Romance
  • A Passionate Marriage (HP-2307)
    Mar-2003/Contemporary Romance
  • The Arabian Love-Child (HP-2290)
    Dec-2002/Contemporary Romance
  • Ethan's Temptress Bride (HP-2272)
    Sep-2002/Contemporary Romance
  • The Sheikh's Chosen Wife (HP-2254)
    Jun-2002/Contemporary Romance
  • The Bellini Bride (HP-2224)
    Jan-2002/Contemporary Romance