• Friends Like Us
    Jun-2018/General Fiction
  • Cherished Moments
    May-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • Under the Mistletoe
    Nov-2014/Contemporary Romance
  • Bittersweet
    Nov-1997/Historical Romance
  • Dangerous
    Sep-1996/Historical Romance
  • Whirlwind
    Aug-1996/Historical Romance
  • Comanche Rose
    Jan-1996/Historical Romance
  • The Christmas Stranger
    Nov-1995/Historical Romance
  • Comanche Moon
    Jul-1995/Historical Romance
  • A Good Woman
    Jun-1995/Traditional Regency
  • Devil's Luck
    Nov-1994/Traditional Regency
  • Secret Nights
    Jul-1994/Historical Romance
  • Memories
    May-1994/Historical Romance
  • Journey of the Heart
    Mar-1994/Historical Romance
  • Falling Stars
    Sep-1993/Historical Romance
  • The Haunting of Sarah Gordon
  • Highway Robbery
    Jun-1993/Traditional Regency
  • Autumn Rain
    Feb-1993/Historical Romance
  • Black Magic
  • The Rogue's Return (SRR-)
    Jun-1992/Traditional Regency