• Presence
    May-2007/General Fiction
  • Focus
    Jan-1987/General Fiction
  • The Ride Down Mount Morgan
    Sep-1992/General Fiction
  • Death of a Salesman
    May-1949/General Fiction
  • The Crucible
    Apr-1953/General Fiction
  • Creation of the World
    Jul-1973/General Fiction
  • Enemy of the People
    Jan-1951/General Fiction
  • Homely Girl: And Other Stories
    Oct-1995/General Fiction
  • I Don't Need You
    Feb-1967/General Fiction
  • Incident at Vichy
    Jan-1965/General Fiction
  • Jane's Blanket
    Jul-2015/General Fiction
  • Plain Girl
    /General Fiction
  • Presence: Collected Stories
    Nov-2016/General Fiction
  • The Salesman in Beijing
    May-1984/General Fiction
  • A View from the Bridge
    Nov-1955/General Fiction