• Carrying the King's Pride (HP-3412)
    Mar-2016/Contemporary Romance
  • Christmas at the Tycoon's Command (HP-3581)
    Dec-2017/Contemporary Romance
  • The Italian's Deal for I Do (HP-3323)
    Apr-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • The Magnate's Manifesto (HP-3295)
    Dec-2014/Contemporary Romance
  • Changing Constantinou's Game (HP-3271)
    Sep-2014/Contemporary Romance
  • A Deal for the Di Sione Ring (HP-3489)
    Jan-2017/Contemporary Romance
  • A Debt Paid in the Marriage Bed (HP-3508)
    Mar-2017/Contemporary Romance
  • Marrying Her Royal Enemy (HP-3453)
    Aug-2016/Contemporary Romance
  • Reunited for the Billionaire's Legacy (HP-3371)
    Oct-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • Tempted by Her Billionaire Boss (HP-3342)
    Jun-2015/Contemporary Romance
  • Claiming the Royal Innocent (HP-3430)
    May-2016/Contemporary Romance
  • The Divorce Party (HP-3183)
    Oct-2013/Contemporary Romance
  • An Exquisite Challenge (HP-3216)
    Feb-2014/Contemporary Romance
  • Salazar's One-Night Heir (HP-3540)
    Jul-2017/Contemporary Romance
  • The Truth about de Campo (HP-3240)
    May-2014/Contemporary Romance
  • His Million-Dollar Marriage Proposal (HP-3637)
    Jul-2018/Contemporary Romance
  • Married For His One-Night Heir (HP-3674)
    Dec-2018/Contemporary Romance
  • A Wedding At Ruby Lake
    Jul-2014/Contemporary Romance