• Lifelines
    Oct-2011/General Fiction
  • Leonardo Da Vinci
    Aug-2011/Paranormal Romance
  • X-isle
    Jul-2010/General Fiction
  • Fire Engine to the Rescue
    Sep-2009/Action Adventure
  • Winter Wood
    May-2009/General Fiction
  • Celandine
    Apr-2009/General Fiction
  • Vroom! Vroom!
    Apr-2001/General Fiction
  • When I Grow Up
    Sep-2000/General Fiction
  • Tractor Trouble
    Sep-1997/General Fiction
  • The Hokey Pokey and Other Party Rhymes
    Jan-1997/General Fiction
  • The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Other Hand Rhymes
    Jan-1997/General Fiction
  • Tractor Factory
    Aug-1994/General Fiction
  • Barnabey Shrew Black Dan and the Mighty Wedgewood
  • Barnaby Shrew, Black Dan and the Mighty Wedgwood
    May-1980/General Fiction
  • The Various
    /General Fiction